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4G is the fourth generation of mobile network technology. It was created to replace 3G and offers a connection that is more reliable and delivers much higher speeds. Your new 4G network is, in essence, a really sophisticated radio system. The base station masts you see dotted about the countryside (they look like a poor man’s Eiffel Tower) use the radio frequency spectrum to broadcast to your router or antenna. The technology behind 4G allows greater amounts of data than ever before to be crammed onto your network’s slice of radio bandwidth, which reduces latency (the amount of time taken to connect to webpages) and minimises interference. 4G is able to broadcast on lower range frequencies, which essentially means it can carry all the data you need further and more securely than ever before. With 4G you are able to connect as many devices as you like but bear in mind the more devices connected may slow your broadband speed. 4G is the perfect option for versatility and transportability. It can provide you with the flexibility for to take your 4G broadband router to a different location within the UK. One of the main advantages of 4G over broadband is the reduction in latency which allows on line gaming and better use of VOIP services.

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