Media Players

Designed to sit neatly next to your HD-TV these devices allow you to watch, play and access all of your media easily from the comfort of your arm chair. They connect to your home network and stream the media stored on your NAS drive or any linked storage device. They connect to the internet and allow access to a wide variety of applications such as i-player, Love film, You Tube, Facebook etc.

Network Music Players

These devices connect to your NAS drive via your network and allow you to play your stored music in any room you have a player. Around the same size as a hi-fi speaker they offer the facility to play different music in each room or group of rooms in the house. Also control them using your smartphone or tablet.

AV Reciever

You may have several devices attached to your HD-TV such as a media player, games console or blue ray player. Of course you want them all to sound great. This is where an AV receiver comes in. It allows you to play all of your devices not only through the TV, but also through a high quality home cinema speaker system. In this way all of your devices give you the full surround sound experience.

Smart TV

A step up from an ordinary HD-TV, which connects to your network and also combines some of the features of a standalone media player. Many people do not make the most of their smart tv’s functions.

Games Console

Most homes have a games console (or two) these days. Of course they are great for playing games. But, are you using them to their full potential? Most can be used as media players and a means of accessing internet content. We can help you get them connected.

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