Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

What is a mobile phone signal booster?
Quite simply, a mobile phone signal booster is a device that captures and then amplifies the mobile signal that is being received at your office or home. It is an elegant solution to signal problems with mobile phones and can be installed with the minimum of disruption.


What are the components of a Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

The Mobile Phone Signal Booster has two main components, an outdoor antenna and an indoor amplifier and antenna.

The outdoor antenna needs to be fixed to the outside of the building, preferably in the area where you get the best mobile signal, and this connects into the amplifier inside the property.  The amplifier is connected to mains electricity and transmits the boosted signal around your house or office.



Why should I use a mobile phone signal booster?
If you have any issues with your mobile phone reception, you can benefit from our mobile phone signal booster.

We can help you get a better mobile service if you ever:

  •    Have to stand in a window to send a text
  •    Venture down the garden to make a call
  •    Experienced missed calls that never rang the handset
  •    Suffer with calls dropping out mid conversation
  •    Have to put up with poor call quality, such as buzzing, faint reception, echoes or fuzziness

We can supply and install boosters for all the major networks with a variety of coverage areas from a small home to a large factory or office.

Contact us to speak to one of our engineers who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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