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Chances are you’ve got a lot of media on your computer – photos from your digital camera or smartphone, for example, favourite music tracks, video recordings and so on. You may also use your PC to catch up on TV or to stream the latest movies from an online content provider. All of which is great if you’re sat in front of your screen, but wouldn’t it be better if you could share those photos, play your music and watch movies on your shiny new HDTV? Or even have your music collection available to play in any room of your home.

The problem is how do you pull all of this media together?

You probably don’t want to have a PC in your living room with all the ugly wires and cables etc. Also, it is not always practical to use a mouse or keyboard around the house. It would be much better to use remote controls or even your smartphone to control access to all of your photos, movies and music. And what if there was a problem with your computer and you lost some or all of your collection? Photo’s carry lots of happy memories and for many people their music and film collections represent a considerable financial investment. It is important that they are safe should the worst happen.

This is where properly designed home digital network comes into it’s own. Wi-fi technology has made it much easier to connect all the devices in your home. Network storage solutions (NAS) allow you to store and protect your digital collection and allow it to be shared throughout your living space. Films, music and internet content can all be played and accessed through a variety of devices such as media players, smart tv’s, games consoles and tablets.

Whether you are looking to build a home network for the first time or link existing devices and media we can help.

From providing a fast reliable broadband connection, advising on design of home networking, or supplying the equipment you need, we have the answer.

For more details about the main components of your home networking solution see below.

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